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About Us

Inspiring a strong sense of community by connecting local businesses to local residents.

If you're a Service-based business...
Imagine if an average of 3,000 households saw your business in our monthly publications? With a 90% open rate, our magazines are a great investment to place an ad for your small business. Our residents are big spenders who are looking for services that will benefit their home and household members. Whether you run a side hustle or operate a fully-fledged business, be seen by decision-makers who actually need you. Get your brand trusted by residents by placing your trust with us.

If you're a Product-based business...
Think about the most popular brands that exist in most homes. Families pick brands that they trust but also choose brands that have the biggest visibility. By placing an ad in our monthly publications, not only do decision-makers become familiar with your brand, but local residents prefer to support local businesses over larger competitors. Get your product seen by your neighbors by promoting yourself as a local business and see your brand spread from door to door to door.

If you're a Non-profit business...
Residents love to hear about good causes that are active on their doorstep, especially when events and opportunities are well promoted. By placing an ad in our community publications, your non-profit will become better known by residents who are keen to donate time and money that benefits their community. Talk about who you help. Bring awareness about your next big event. Ask for donations.