Duro-Last Roofing Recently Opened a 60,000 sq ft Manufacturing Facility in Ludlow, MA

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January 23, 2018

Duro-Last Roofing recently opened our 6th manufactruing facility in Ludlow, MA. This 60,000 sq ft facility will serve the northeast corridor from Virginia to Maine.

Duro-Last, founded in 1978, is a manufacturer of custom prefabricated PVC roof systems for companies nationwide and is far different than other commercial roof manufacturers in our product & service offerings including:
  • Prefabrication of Roof Membrane & Flashing Accessories
  • We have the ability to prefabricate up to 2,500sq ft of roofing membrane in one deck sheet which reduces up to 85% of jobsite seaming.
  • In addition, we can prefabricate flashing accessories in a factory controlled environment such as curbs, stacks, scuppers, pitch pans, etc.
  • Prefabrication of deck sheets and accessories in a factory controlled environment dramatically reduces the cost of jobsite labor as well as the chances of human error (ie: leaks) on the jobsite.
  • Duro-Last is the only commercial roofing manufacturer to offer this prefabrication capability.
  • Consequential Damages Warranty – Duro-Last is the only commercial roofing manufacturer to offer a no dollar limit (NDL) consequential damages warranty which covers not only the material and labor should a leak occur, but also the contents of the building should a leak occur. There is no charge for this warranty.
  •  No Warranty Exclusion for Ponding Water – There is no warranty exclusion for ponding water on a Duro-Last roof system.
  • “Edge-to-Edge, Deck-To-Sky” Single Source Warranty – In addition to the roof membrane & flashing accessories, Duro-Last manufactures the majority of the materials that go into our roof system including our edge metals (ES1 Compliant), coping, scuppers, collector boxes, fasteners, insulation plates, etc. This capability affords us the ability to provide a “Single Source” warranty on the entire roof system – from “Edge-to-Edge, Deck-to-Sky”. No other roof manufacturer offers this comprehensive warranty program.
  • No Penalty Transferrable Warranty – The warranty on a Duro-Last roof is transferable, at no charge, should the property be sold to a new owner. Additionally, there is no inspection required by Duro-Last prior to the property transfer.
  • No Charge Design & Engineering Services – We provide, at no charge, roof evaluation, design & engineering services.
  • Comprehensive Inspection Upon Completion – We employ a team of Quality Assurance Technical Representatives that inspect every inch of field seaming once the job is complete ensuring consistency and quality.
Please visit our website at www.duro-last.com.
Cronin, Business Development Manager
(413) 378-5059