2/8/2018 Learning Experience: Confidence Changes Everything, led by Roxanne Kaufman Elliott

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December 20, 2017
Confidence Changes Everything, led by Roxanne Kaufman Elliott
Thursday, February 8, 2018  |  9:00am—12:00 pm
Philip H. Ryan Health Science Center, 1 Denslow Road, East Longmeadow, MA 01028
Early Bird Tickets $150 (ends Jan. 11)  |  Regular Ticket Price $195
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Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
And so it is with each of us.  Why do we allow ourselves to feel and act in ways that are less than we are?  Where does a lack of self-confidence come from and how do we overcome it?  We certainly aren’t born with a lack of it… so are we born with it and somehow lose it along the way?  
We all know this is a critical aspect of our success and our own feelings of self-worth – it can make or break us – it is THE game-changer.  What if confidence is a learned skill? What if we could finally understand what we need to do to LEARN and APPLY self-confidence in all we do in both our personal and professional lives?  How would that impact our success, happiness and ability to achieve what we are capable of achieving?

Confidence, like leadership, is LEARNED.  Learned through knowledge, intentional practice and purposeful development – every day.

This highly engaging and interactive workshop will take you through the three critical aspects of learning self-confidence; intentionally practicing it; and developing it in real time, every day.
Learning Outcomes:
· Learn how our early conditioning impacts our self-confidence in both negative and positive ways and how we can re-train our brains to build self-confidence, courage and a deep self-awareness and personal presence.
· Develop intentional and purposeful exercises and daily affirmations to continue to build our self-confidence in managing personal and professional situations and challenges with positive outcomes.
· Create your unique ‘self-confidence building strategy’ for your life—a journey of courage and success based on your vision and dreams of success and happiness.

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Sarah MacDonald, Asst. to Vice President for Strategic Alliances